Security Performance and lifecycle management solutions


Assessment solutions enable organizations to manage the lifecycle of all types of security assessments such as NIST, ISO, CMMC, CCM) along with specific topics such as ransomware readiness and CIS, OT Benchmarks. The assessments have end to end workflow involving multiple stakeholders (Audit, Consulting, Internal leadership) per security capability or standard or business unit.  


Multi-cloud security posture management platforms automate continuous verification of the security policies and controls implemented across the environments.  The solution verifies implementation status vs known standards such as NIST, ISO, CIS, Azure Benchmark, and any customized frameworks adopted by the organization.


Security performance management dashboard helps an organization define, publish, track and measure security KPIs and KRIs. The dashboard is consumable to the board, leadership, security, and technology teams. It creates insights for executives and technology teams and assist in tracking security performance.

Do you have a need to perform security demonstrations against a specific standard?

Performing continuous self-assessments against known standards such as NIST, ISO, or any other security framework helps you get become compliant against these standards. The auditors can manage the evidence and review process while comparing the last known results in any given year and show security compliance to your regulators.

Do you want self-assessment instead of auditor/advisor assisted reviews?

Periodic self-assessments help you get insight into your security maturity and track the progress of your security program. The organization can add multiple auditors or consultants in the flow for demonstration purposes.

Do you need to assess your business units across multiple geographic locations for comparison?

Compare the current security state of a business unit against other business units (within the same holding company) and create security insights leading to prioritization based on the threats and risk.  Benchmark the company's security state against the industry peers for security investment decisions.

Do you need to create an overview of overall compliance across the cloud environments?

Cross-cloud security governance and demonstration towards regulators is increasingly difficult for organizations. A unified/single-pane view of the cloud environment is essential.

Do you need an aggregated view and insights into the current cloud security posture?

Cloud providers natively focus on securing each product. Organizations, especially security and technology leadership, often struggles to understand the overall security and risk view.

Is cloud security and demonstration a priority for your organization?

Due to rapid development, security concerns within the cloud landscape are complex. Cloud security and its demonstration are vital when embedding security in the enterprise architecture. 

Do you have defined security key performance indicators (KPI) and key risk indicators (KRI)?

The organization needs to define the strategic level and supporting operation metrics to continue to measure security and risk organization effectiveness.

Do you have a Microsoft Office365 subscription?

It is easier to integrate security dashboard solutions with the azure active directory and help manage the roles and permissions granularly.

Do you have a single source of truth for users and assets, such as a configuration management database (CMDB)?

An asset management solution (CMDB) with API access is crucial for the governance of security performance. A CMDB must as a reference point for all technology assets and provide visibility and transparency in managing their lifecycle.

Do you want to understand how to manage the security performance and demonstration lifecycle?

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Solutions help the security department and CISOs understand and demonstrate the effectiveness of the security organization (Cyber Security program). The understanding and demonstration are presented to be easily consumable through data visualization.