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Automated Threat Modeling is an AI-powered threat modeling solution that enables development teams and security professionals to automate the process of visualizing security threats in their application environments, especially in public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. With the help of this powerful threat modeling solution, developers will be able to automatically create traceable security requirements across the lifecycle, auto-map the requirements to respected compliance frameworks such as NIST CSF (National Institute of Standards and Technology), verify the implementation status anytime, and generate Infrastructure as code templates for mitigating cloud-specific threats. This is genuinely moving security to the left.
AI-Powered solution automates the threat modeling process.
Automatically create traceable security requirements across the lifecycle.
Generate Infrastructure as code templates for mitigating public cloud-specific threats.
Auto-maps security requirements to frameworks such as NIST for easy compliance requirements adherence.
Scales fast within days, get a complete view on the list of most prone cloud components and applications.
Automated reporting and tracking records remediation efforts by dev teams, updating implementation status without intervention.

Automation Process

Threat Modeling – Traceable Security

Aristiun's innovative, patent-pending solution, marks the future of threat modelling — revolutionising the process by leveraging the power of AI. Aribot has been engineered to tackle the challenge straditionally associated with threat modelling, offering an efficient, accurate, and streamlined approach.

Business Domain

High level (cyber security) threats thataffect your overall business.

Business Process

Specific business processes (such asprocurement, customer onboarding, etc.) that affect specific parts of yourbusiness.

Applications and Assets

Applications and infrastructure requiresecure design and not just security verification.

Multiple Domains

Threat models can cover different levelsand domains including:

Security Threat Identification

Aribot (Aristiun) applies AI algorithms to automaticallyidentify potential threats, providing comprehensive coverage and real-timeinsights.


Aribot easily integrates with existing DevSecOps environments, making implementation seamless.

Traceable Security Requirements

Aribot generates traceable security requirements, ensuring a systematic approach to security and compliance. Designe effectiveness can be verified.

Secure by Design

Typically, security is an after thought.However, using Threat Modelling can change that to providing a Secure by Designapproach whereby security is included in design steps and beyond.
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Our customer’s cases
Automated Threat Modeling is the perfect solution for organizations wanting to protect their valuable public cloud investments from potential threats and compliance breaches. This AI-powered threat modeling solution offers traceable security requirements across the lifecycle and auto-maps them to respected frameworks like NIST CSF for your convenience. It also takes the guesswork out of Infrastructure as code templates — automatically creating remedies for mitigating cloud-specific threats.
(SPLM) Animal Nutrition company
The CISO of a leading global animal nutrition company highly commends the Security Performance Lifecycle Management (SPLM) product for revolutionizing its approach to security. Confronted with challenges in managing and monitoring their cybersecurity posture due to diverse technologies and an extensive geographical presence, the SPLM product proved to be a game-changer. It streamlined security processes, delivered critical insights, and enabled proactive responses to security vulnerabilities. Boasting user-friendly, scalable, and adaptable features, the SPLM product has significantly contributed to the company's adherence to NIST-based industry standards and regulatory requirements. This success has cemented its reputation as a trusted provider in the animal nutrition space. Enhance your organization's security capabilities with the exceptional SPLM product, a proven solution for maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture.Read more Less
(SPLM) Specialty Chemical Company
As the CISO of a prominent global specialty chemical company, I am excited to share our positive experience with the Security Performance Lifecycle Management (SPLM) product. In the highly competitive and technology-driven world of specialty chemicals, protecting sensitive data, intellectual property, and customer privacy is paramount.
Before implementing the SPLM product, our company faced numerous challenges managing and monitoring our cybersecurity posture. With a vast range of technologies and a broad geographical presence, keeping up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape was daunting.
However, integrating the SPLM product into our cybersecurity strategy has led to a remarkable transformation in our approach to security. This comprehensive solution streamlined our security processes, offering real-time insights and a holistic view of our security posture across the entire organization.
The SPLM product empowered our security team to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring the ongoing security of our systems and data. Furthermore, the product has allowed us to meet and exceed industry standards and regulatory requirements, solidifying our position as a reliable and trusted provider of specialty chemical solutions.
We have found the SPLM product user-friendly, scalable, and adaptable to our unique business needs. The support from the product team has been exceptional, providing prompt assistance and valuable guidance throughout our journey.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse the Security Performance Lifecycle Management product for any organization seeking to enhance its security capabilities and maintain a robust cybersecurity posture. This cutting-edge solution has been instrumental in driving our organization's success and safeguarding our valuable assets, customers, and stakeholders.
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Platform security
(Aribot) Largest software company
Aribot has been a game-changer for our organization, seamlessly integrating with our development processes and significantly improving our security and compliance. Its platform security, automated threat modeling, and CI/CD pipeline security features have streamlined our security requirements, detected vulnerabilities, and saved countless hours previously spent on manual reviews. As a senior executive at a leading software development company, I highly recommend Aribot for any organization seeking a comprehensive and efficient security solutionе Read more Less
Security lifecycle management
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