Aristiun helps in embedding security using the power of automation, AI and the latest methodologies

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Many organizations, large and small, and even the highly regulated enterprises are moving to the cloud. It is not a matter of if anymore, but rather when and how. In this transformation of adopting the cloud as a key platform for your organization it is essential to ensure that security becomes an enabler, not the obstacle. Security of data is a prominent reason why CIOs are not adopting the cloud. It is Aristiun’s approach to help you navigate and make security as the enabler of this journey. Our approach considers a holistic view of the challenges paired with this journey and balances out the user stories such that growth of your cloud adoption happens optimally.

Cloud Security Strategy

Help set-up your enterprise cloud security strategy. This strategy will be fully aligned with your IT strategy, but will also help you stream-line all security developments with your cloud initiatives. Not only with cloud security strategy define the right governance, but will also stipulate the operating model for security in the cloud.
Centralised Visibility
Zero Trust

Platform Security Architecture

When designing your cloud platform, how to define the needed security capabilities that integrate with your on-going cloud consumption? You might already have security capabilities, but should they be / go cloud native? We will help you with transitioning from current security capability state to the desired state.
In Control
Secure by Default


How do you roll-out and utilise DevOps while still maintaining a high security posture? And how do you do this at the enterprise level? Aristiun has the experience and vision to make secure DevOps a reality for large enterprise clients.
Secure Process
Secure Tooling
Secure Code

Regulation and Compliance

Cloud technologies and cloud security is not often well-understood by oversight and governing bodies. This results in requesting unrealistic evidencing and processes to secure the cloud and can slow-down your cloud adoption. In this area we focus on making regulation and compliance part of the cloud adoption process and ensure effective alignment with compliance and regulatory bodies.
Increased Effectiveness
Decreased Effort

Monitoring in the Cloud Era

Monitoring and logging is a key aspect of being in control of your IT environment. We can help to embed the right logging and monitoring processes and technology to keep your applications and underlying platforms secure.
Automated Monitoring
Multi-Cloud Support
Modular Inclusion

Continuous Integration/Delivery

Using CI/CD speeds up the development process. But it also allows you to embed security controls within the process. We have solutions to embed security from within whilst maximising automation and lessening the security burden on the DevOps team.
Controls Built into CI
Secure Deployment
Process Based CI/CD
Embedded Security